Professional in Materials Management (P.MM)

(Pre-requisite: MM-4 or permission from MHMS)

MHMS Ontario launches a Professional Certification Program!

Formerly known as MHMS-Toronto Chapter, the Materials Handling and Management Society of Ontario is proud to announce the development of the new standard for professional knowledge in the field of Materials Management.

The Professional in Materials Management (P.MM) designation is designed to acknowledge those individuals who have demonstrated that they have earned the right to be recognized as Professionals in Materials Management through professional training and/or experience.

The normal channel for attaining this designation requires successful completion of the Materials Handling Management Society of Ontario's professional education program and comprehensive final examination. The education program can be studied through distance education with a fee of $595 per module for MHMS Ontario members, with a total of four modules comprising the curriculum. Professionals in the field with five or more years' supervisory experience may, with permission of the MHMS Ontario Professional Standards Committee, arrange to take the examination for a fee of $150 without completing the educational pre-requisites.

Once the P.MM has been achieved, an individual must remain a member in good standing of the MHMS Ontario and participate in a minimum of four MHMS Ontario-approved professional development sessions in each calendar year to retain the right to use the designation. Membership in the MHMS Ontario is based on the calendar year, with an annual fee of $150.00 + HST

For more information, contact the MHMS Ontario office at 905-857-9283 so that you may receive the professional recognition that you deserve..

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If you are not a current MHMS member and would like to become one contact us at and we will send you a membership registration form.